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iEquiTek provides lab & field arena testing of equestrian riding surfaces, footings, and components, arena engineering design and construction support services. The extensive iEquiTek database allows design and comparison to 5* Ultra-Competition, Competition, High Performance Training, and Training surfaces. iEquiTek also provides analytics services to professional international competitors to help optimize their training and competition outcomes.

iEquiTek has partnered to produce several of the top international 5* Ultra-Competition arenas. These have been meticulously lab engineered and constructed such that the performance outcome is known before the arena is built. The results have been widely acclaimed by competitors and venues.


Bill Hawe: +1.617.901.2016
Recent News

  • Picollo Cavallo Stables gets an all-new water-free indoor riding arena surface with a 10-year performance guarantee. One of only 2 in the USA with this warrantee. Lab engineered and constructed in partnership with Attwood Equestrian Surfaces.
  • Hampton Classic announces all new 5* Grand Prix arena to be Scientifically Designed, Constructed and Tested by iEquiTek and JTWG

  • Read about the new Hampton Classic Scientifically Designed Arena(TM) PDF


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