The Jaeckle Centre indoor arena's riding surface is scientifically designed for Safety, Health, and Performance diversity.

The arena is unlike any other around the Globe, being designed with a
Therapeutic Area, a High-Performance Training Area and an engineered Jump Chute.

The surface architecture was designed by iEquiTek. All the components were extensively tested in the iEquiTek laboratory. The footing was provided by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces, lab engineered and tested in partnership with iEquiTek. This lab-based design process tested and evaluated 9 different footing formulations from multiple companies. This is the first use of this footing in the United States. The specific parameters of the surface were optimized for low impact and low stress on soft tissue, particularly in rehabilitation protocols, as well as high performance exercise.

As part of the new Jaeckle Centre riding surfaces, the rehabilitation clinic now has several engineered "evaluation paths". These are designed with specific characteristics for clinician evaluation of horses as part of the rehabilitation protocols. They include the hard evaluation path and the compliant evaluation path. Each of these is modeled after the work iEquiTek has done jointly with the
Spy Coast Farm Rehabilitation and Conditioning Clinic in Lexington, KY.

The arena is maintained with protocols specific to its purpose and usage. It is routinely tested by iEquiTek and adjusted to spec by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces so it remains compliant with its performance standard.

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Therapeutic & Rehabilitation Area
  • Designed to be safe for the evaluation and rehabilitation of horses in the rehabilitation/therapy & conditioning clinic
  • Traction / Concussion mitigating mats under the footing to reduce impact shock on joints, legs, shoulder, and back while providing safety in the case of excessive or exuberant engagement with the surface
  • Good grip to impart confidence to horse in the rehabilitation process
  • Control of torque to reduce stress on joints and soft tissue
  • Good cushioning to attenuate excessive shock on limbs

Evaluation Paths
  • Firm evaluation path for traditional evaluation of gait and lameness on a controlled surface
  • Compliant evaluation path for evalation in more extreme, yet controlled situations which may mirror what horse may be exposed to after leaving the clinic

Engineered Jump Chute

  • Traction / Concussion mats under footing for safe free-jumping of young and developing horses
  • Footing designed to tolerate free-jumping with repetitive use

High Performance Training Area
  • Designed for high performance training, for jumping and flat work
  • Grip designed to "give but not giveway" to help support the horses physical mechanics while in work
  • Cushioning designed to control excessive shock

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