Spy Coast Farm arenas are scientifically designed for Safety, Health, and Performance. Each serves a unique purpose. They are all maintained with protocols specific to that purpose. They are routinely tested and adjusted to keep them within their performance envelope. The continous feedback from useage and testing allows all the surfaces to be modified and enhanced as needed for continual improvement in outcomes.

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Conference Center / Young Horse Indoor
  • Designed to be kind to the development of young horse joints & soft tissue
  • Concussion mitigating mats under the footing to reduce impact shock on joints, legs, shoulder, and back
  • Good grip to impart confidence to young horses as they learn
  • Control of torque to reduce stress on developing joints
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Young Horse Outdoor

  • Designed as a safe, general purpose jumper surface for young horses
  • Good cushioning to attenuate shock on joints. This is carefully monitored.
  • Firmer than Young Horse Indoor arena, for more responsive jumping as the horses learn
  • Grip designed to provide confidence to young horses, while allowing increased turning speed
  • All-weather surface

Hitchcock Arena

  • Designed for safety during free jumping. This is critical to every aspect of this arena.
  • Traction Mats under the footing to prevent falls or slips in jumping or turning
  • Stress-tolerant footing to withstand athletic engagement by young horses just learning to jump
  • Covered for all-weather use

Jumper Arena

  • Designed to prepare for high performance competitions
  • Quick response time, providing correct timing to return energy to jump significant obstacles
  • High grip for practicing turning speed
  • The surface "gives but does not give way". This prevents undue torque in joints at speed.
  • Shock attenuation for kindness, yet highly responsive for large jumps
  • Performance matched to competition venues through rigourous testing
  • All-weather surface

Hunter Arena

  • Designed to prepare for AA Hunter competitions
  • Compliant surface suitable for the style of Hunter jumping
  • Peak grip optimized to enable natural engagement with the surface
  • All-weather surface

Rehabilitation & Fitness Center

  • Unique surfaces, each optimized for rehabilitation protocols, therapeutics and diagnostics
  • Good cushioning to attenuate excessive shock on limbs
  • Controlled grip to limit excessive torque on joints
  • Diverse characteristics across surfaces improves efficacy of outcomes
  • Indoor arena with 2 unique surfaces
  • Outdoor arena is all-weather
  • Compliant and Hard evaluation paths
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