About iEquiTek

iEquiTek is a USA-based high-tech company using state-of-the-art science to improve outcomes for equestrian sports. This means balancing Health, Safety and High Performance for equestian atheletes. iEquiTek uses an extensive analytical database collected over many years of laboratory and arena tests to drive the design and assessment of riding surfaces. iEquiTek believes one should use science to know the outcome before building an arena, before competing or riding on a surface, before executing a maintenance operation. This is made possible through the iEquiTek laboratory modeling of surface components and construction of arenas to these performance model specifications.

iEquiTek clients include many of the top equestrian competition venues in the USA, such as Wellington International, Tryon International Equestrian Center, The Hampton Classic, as well as many of the top equestrian training facitlies, such as Spy Coast Farm in Kentucky and Wellington. In addition, top international and Olympic competitors are iEquiTek clients using analytics to improve training outcomes, improve private training surfaces, and assess competition results.

Our job as stewards of our equine friends is to give each of them their best opportunity in a safe and healthy environment. Based on this mission, iEquiTek uses science to improve these outcomes whether it is an International 5* Ultra-Competition venue, or a private training farm. The common perspective between these is a desire to be kind to the horse while achieving the desired performance, and to know this will be so before building the arena, before modifying the arena, before mixing a footing formula, before a horse places a foot on the surface.
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